IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hungarian Infantry

Hungarian Infantry in Austrian Service.

I am in the process of downloading and copying all of the pictures from Frank's Minden Miniatures blog so that we can show them on this new blog. Each country will have its own tab at the top of the page. Simply click on the tab and see pictures of all of the figures in the range for that country.

A large shipment of inventory arrived from the UK, courtesy of Frank, and it contains lots of horses, British and Highlanders, Austrian cavalry and lots lots more. The final shipment of inventory was picked up today and is in-transit and scheduled to arrive by the first of next week.

While I am not "officially" open for Minden business, if you simply cannot wait, then go ahead and send in your e-mail order to me at


  1. Great start Jim, hope you have loads of success in the future my friend!


  2. Thank you Frank for having the vision to start this wonderful range of SYW figures. I will do my best to keep expanding the range and keeping that vision alive.

  3. Good luck with your business my friend !!



  4. All the best for the now combined MFD ranges and their owner. May the ranges prosper and grow - what I can do support this, I will do. My special thanks to Frank who started creating these unmatchable ranges.


  5. Marvellous! Can't wait. Order will be on its way today.