IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

Monday, November 25, 2013

2nd Battalion of the Prussian Leib Guard

IR15/II -- 2nd Battalion of the Guard. I used the Prussian musketeer figure with Swedish cuffs for the Guard. Click picture to enlarge the view. Flags are from GMB Designs.

I have been on a painting binge of late, having finished the von Diericke Fusiliers (IR49), the Seydlitz Cuirassiers (KR8) and just recently, the 2nd Battalion of the Prussian Leib Guard (IR15/II). The Minden range does not yet have a proper Guard figure (emphasis on the word "YET", hint, hint), so I used the Prussian musketeer with Swedish cuffs for my Guards. The only major difference is that the musketeers do not have the aigulette on the right shoulder. This is easy enough to add to the figure using "conversion by paint", i.e. painting the aigulette or shoulder knot onto the figure. I painted the basic shape of the aigulette with dark gray paint and then used white dots of paint on top of the gray in order to depict the material.

A close up view of the battalion. Note the Zimmerman on the stand on the left. Click the picture to enlarge the view.
Next up on my painting table: the 3rd Battalion of the Guard, all wearing grenadier mitres.

Just for grins, here is a picture of the IR49 von Diericke Fusiliers that I completed last weekend:

IR49 von Diericke Fusiliers
Another view of the fusiliers. Click pix to enlarge the view.