IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion


Prussian Infantry with Prussian Cuffs

Prussian Musketeer Drummer

Prussian Musketeer Standard Bearer

Prussian Musketeer

Prussian Musketeer NCO

Prussian Officer with Spontoon

Prussian Zimmermen in Prussian Cuffs

Prussian Grenadiers with Prussian Cuffs

Prussian Infantry with "Swedish Cuffs"

Prussian musketeers with Swedish cuffs, painted as Saxons (by Richard Ansell)
Prussian Fusiliers
Prussian Fusiliers, Fusilier Drummer, and Fusilier NCO. Use any Prussian officer and standard bearer in tricorn hats with fusiliers as command figures.

Prussian Jagers

Prussian Jager Kneeling Loading

Prussian Jager Kneeling Firing
Prussian Jager Standing Firing

Prussian Jager At the Ready
Prussian Jager Officer
Prussian Jager NCO

Prussian Jager Musician

Prussian Jager Advancing

Prussian Cuirassiers

Prussian Cuirassier Officer on H-2 Horse

Prussian Cuirassier Standard Bearer on H-2 Horse

Prussian Cuirassier Trumpeter on H-1 Horse
Prussian Cuirassier Reiter on H-1 Horse

Prussian Dragoons
Prussian Dragoons: trumpeter (left) and officer (right)
Prussian Dragoons: Reiter (left) and standard bearer (right)

Prussian Hussars (in mirlitons)

Prussian Hussar Officer in Mirliton

Not shown: two variations of the Prussian Hussar Reiter in mirliton.

Prussian hussar horseholder with horse, in mirliton.

Prussian Hussars (in busbies)

Prussian Hussar Reiter in Busby #1
Prussian Hussar Reiter in Busby #2
Prussian Hussar Musician in Mirliton (all hussar trumpeter wore the mirliton)

Dismounted hussar horseholder with horse, in busby.

Prussian Artillery Crew

Prussian artillery crew (set of 4 includes two artillery tools sprues)

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  1. when are you going to put pictures of Prussian Cavalry up on your site. I have been looking for weeks, but nothing. How hard is it to post photos.I guess I found out about this company after the other website closed up shop. Thanks Greg

  2. ...just recognized the dragoon-trumpeter - I am afraid they had drummers being "infantry-on-horse"...

    Regards Fedja