IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

Picture Gallery

French Fusilier

Prussian Colonel (painted by Leuthen Studios)

Prussian Musketeers with Swedish Cuffs

Hesse Kassel soldiers, using Prussian figures.

Saxon Infantry, using Prussian figures.

IR20 von Bornstadt Musketeer Regt. (painted by Frank Hammond)

This page is under construction. It will feature pictures of painted Minden Miniatures.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Congratulations and best wishes for the future with your Mindens and of course Fife and Drum. They are superb miniatures and I'm so glad you plan to develop the range.

    With regard to the pictures in this section I think that the Saxons may be from the Prussian musketeer figure and not the Austrian.

    Best wishes,