IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

Work In Progress - Greens

Minden figure compared to (L-R) Stadden, Suren, Minden, Front Rank, Elite, and Foundry.
Minden figure compared to (L-R) Foundry, RSM, Minden, Front Rank, and Eagle.

This is what happens to the greens after going through the Vulcanizer.

The first Minden figures: Prussians, of course!

The first master mould contents: parts to make future figures.

under construction

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  1. Such beautiful figures. The magnetic pull on my wallet is significant. So much more attractive than the tall dwarves we've been expected to love over the years. Closer to the classic and real proportions of Stadden or Pax Britannica.