IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

IR20 Prussian Musketeer Battalion

Monday, October 28, 2013

Minden's Herd of 19 Horse Poses

Minden Horses (top three rows) and Fife & Drum Horses in Row 4. Click to enlarge view.

The combined Minden/Fife & Drum range currently has a total of 19 different horses. Actually it is 21 horses if we count the two limber horses. In addition, there are 6 new F&D horses that have yet to go into production, so the grand total will be 27 different horses in the range.

The new horse code numbers are listed below. These supercede any codes shown elsewhere in this blog (such as on the Horse page tab)

ROW 1 (left to right)

H1  Heavy Horse, Trotting
H2  Heavy Horse #2, Trotting
H3  Heavy Horse, Standing
H4  Heavy Horse, Walking
H5  Heavy Horse (variant of the H2 horse), head turned left
H6  Heavy Horse (variant of the H1 horse), trotting


H7  Medium Horse, Walking (officer's horse)
H8  Medium Horse, Standing
H9  Medium Horse, Walking (variant of H7 horse), head turned left
H10  Medium Horse, Standing (variant of the H8 horse)
H11  Heroic Horse (Medium)


H12  Light Horse, Galloping, Legs Bunched (for hussars)
H13  Light Horse, Galloping, Legs Stretched
H14  Light Horse, Galloping, Legs Stretched (variant of the H13 horse)
H15  Light Horse, Galloping, Legs Bunched (variant of the H12 horse)

H16  Light Hussar Horse, Standing (use for dismounted hussar sets)
H17  Wounded Horse, Laying on the ground

ROW 4 (Fife & Drum horses)

H18  Medium Horse, Head Turned (officers' horse)
H19  Light Horse, Standing

Monday, October 21, 2013

Minden Stock Has Arrived - All of It!

Von Seydlitz personality figure and his 8th Cuirassier Regiment in Prussian service.

The final shipment of Minden inventory from Frank arrived today, so we now have everything in stock and ready for shipping.

To help our international customers a little bit, we are offering a flat rate shipping cost of $10.00 per order (applies only to minimum orders of $10.00 or more) through the end of November 2013. If it works well, I might be tempted to extend the offer even further.

And we don't want to leave out our US-based customers, so we are offering a flat rate shipping cost of $4.00 (applies to minimu orders of $15.00 or more), also through November 2013.

For the next several days, just send me an e-mail telling me which figures you want and how many of each. Frank is going to close down his Minden blog by October 24th, so after that, I will have product codes assigned to every Minden figure and you can use the product codes going forward.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Minden Inventory Arriving!

Austrian Cuirassiers (Portugal Regiment) - painted by Leuthen Studios. (click to enlarge)

I have started unpacking the second shipment of three boxes of inventory that Frank sent to me last week. There is one final shipment of three boxes that is scheduled to arrive early next week. At that point, I will have everything in stock and ready for sales.

As of today, I have everything except for British and Highlander infantry, Hanoverian infantry, French Hussars, and Prussian Personality figures.

To place an order, send me an e-mail at:

We will temporarily use Frank's system of you telling me which figures you want to purchase, for example:

5 x Prussian fusiliers
1 x Prussian artillery crew set
2 x Austrian mounted colonels.

I am in the process of assigning product code numbers to every Minden Miniature, to make it easier to order and to eventually migrate to a full service on-line shopping cart system. I hope to have the permanent web site up and running by the end of November 2013.

So, to make a long story short, if you have any Minden wants or needs, I am able to accept and process your orders now.

Prices will be $2.00 per foot figure and $5.00 per mounted figure (includes the horse and the rider). Vignettes or other sets will be priced as above, so if a set has four figures in it, then the price for the set will be $8.00 etc.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ordering Information

Send an e-mail to me at with a list of the figures that you wish to order.

Prices are generally $2.00 per foot figure and $5.00 per mounted figure plus applicable postage.

Paypal is accepted.

Hungarian Infantry

Hungarian Infantry in Austrian Service.

I am in the process of downloading and copying all of the pictures from Frank's Minden Miniatures blog so that we can show them on this new blog. Each country will have its own tab at the top of the page. Simply click on the tab and see pictures of all of the figures in the range for that country.

A large shipment of inventory arrived from the UK, courtesy of Frank, and it contains lots of horses, British and Highlanders, Austrian cavalry and lots lots more. The final shipment of inventory was picked up today and is in-transit and scheduled to arrive by the first of next week.

While I am not "officially" open for Minden business, if you simply cannot wait, then go ahead and send in your e-mail order to me at